Some Thoughts on Apologizing

Sometimes on our journey through life we come across lessons that resinate with us in such a way that we want to share them with others and today I learned a small but profound lesson regarding apologies and felt to share it with my friends.

“Apologizing is a function of self-respect and self-worth. Choose the relationship over choosing to be right. Stay curious and perform the apology.”

   ~ Dr. Brene Brown

“A true apology focuses exclusively on the hurt feelings of the other person, and not on what we would like to get for ourselves, like forgiveness…”

   ~ Harriet Lerner

Sometimes our ego’s take full control over us and forbid us to see the other person’s side of the situation because it’s more important to “prove” we’re right. Or sometimes the ego just needs to protect it’s reputation. Whatever the reason, dare I say it, there are times in our life when we have been in the wrong and an apology is required. Not just the words, but a vulnerable, self-respecting act of seeing the importance of the other person, the relationship, and acting in a way that proves we recognize the value of both. And as scary as it may be, we may even be required to take the first step, maybe even the first 50 steps because the other person doesn’t have it in them to make an effort to repair the damage that’s been done. It’s not easy and our ego’s will fight us each and every step of the way. But cultivating healthy, respectful relationships while we are here is a much more fulfilling accomplishment than keeping tally on how many situations we’ve “won”, don’t you think???

Happy Wednesday Everyone, I wish you all a healthy, safe & creative day :0)

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